Update From Tanzania

A quick update on our mission.  I am truly blown away at what God is doing!  We have shown the Jesus film to more people already than all of last trip – over 1500 people in just 5 churches and one high school.  We have about 15 places to go.  Out of the 1500 more than 700 have raised their hands for salvation.
There are so many great stories but let me tell you about last night.  We went to a secondary school (high school) of about 600 boarding students.  We tied the sheet to metal soccer poles.  The students sat on the ground and stood for the 2 hour showing.  What was really cool was they could see on both sides of the sheet.  You could hear them saying some of what Jesus was about to say.  They said that seeing it would help them pass their upcoming examination on the Bible.  They all speak English so when the call for salvation came, they repeated after me in English.  Just imagine 600 kids saying it under African skies.  Over 450 of them raised their hands.  Many were very curious about the projector and battery.  Some of them came to thank me and blessed me – I was so excited.  It’s so late when the film ends that there is no time to stick around to talk much.  We go to another school tonight.  It’s so exciting to see these kids and their love for the Lord.  There were even some Muslim kids there.
The last church we went to was about an hour into the bush.  We drove through fields of sunflowers on a small dirt road.  We got lost and had to stop a motorcycle to ask directions.  As we turned around we came across some young guys that were headed to the film.  We stopped to pick one of them up so he could show us where the church was. He told us that he had seen the film a few nights before when we showed it in a nearby village. WOW!!  We have seen many young people attend this trip.
God is giving one of the desires of my heart.  As I sit in my pastor’s office writing this email I am looking at 7 boxes from Samaritan’s Purse full of Operation Christmas Child boxes.  They arrived via shipping containers in February to the port about 8 hours away but were kept there by customs.  Because the new president of the country is a Christian there was no bribe to pay, only that they were stored for a while.  I am going to be the guest of honor to give 100 boxes to the kindergarten tomorrow afternoon.  I am in awe of our God!  I can’t wait to see the children’s faces as they open them.  Go God!
Thanks so much for your prayers and your support.  I believe I will see many more miracles in the days ahead.  I love you all!
Kim, please tell Preston that Gifti and his brother loved the Superman and Tron figures.  They are sleeping with them at night.  I have a good picture to show him.
Barikiwe (Be Blessed)
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1 Response to Update From Tanzania

  1. theresa HURST says:

    So excited to hear how the Lord is working! How blessed you are to witness this amazing salvation. Rick and I pray everyday for you together and I do two or three times a day. How is your health? Are you getting stronger? The team met tonight and Debbie called us. She’ll be arriving in the Philippines with the boys tonight at 11:30. They left yesterday at noon. I was blessed to be able to give them all a hug just before they headed out. Bobby, Kelly, and Collin are so excited about how the Lord is working in Kibera. The children are so healthy and strong. They are now able to look at a future for them and plan to grow the mission. Such a wonderful report. Love you dear friend. Stay safe and we can’t wait to see you again.

    Have a blessed day,



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